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New - * CDS * - No more taste problem !!

The key pathogen killer of the Miracle Mineral Solution protocol is Chlorine Dioxide.

Further refining of the MMS protocol has resulted in the development of CDS.

About CDS: (Chlorine Dioxide Solution).

Chlorine Dioxide has been scientifically proven to be one of the best products for killing pathogens, fungi, bacteria and viruses;
in drinking water, food preparation areas, and even on living or harvested produce.

It is little wonder that it should be discovered to have the same benefits in the human body!

Chlorine Dioxide is FDA approved for food contact use:
Food Contact Substance CAS Reg. No. 10049-04-4.

Chlorine Dioxide has been proven safe for human consumption in clinical trials:

"...the relative safety of oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide... was demonstrated".

Should you choose to use CDS as a health supplement, it is on the express understanding that we make no claims or recommendations as to its use whatsoever. Statements presented here are for educational purposes only and are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or replace the advice of a licensed HealthCare practitioner.

What is CDS:

As you may know, a bottle of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) consists of Sodium Chlorite solution.
This is mixed with a citric acid activator to form a chlorine dioxide solution, which is then diluted and consumed as per the MMS protocol.
The chlorine dioxide is the active agent against disease and pathogens.

To make CDS, MMS is activated in the usual way, and the chlorine dioxide gas, which comes from the mixture, is forced through distilled water, which captures the chlorine dioxide gas.
For maximum shelf life, CDS should be kept refrigerated
, otherwise after several months it will eventually gas out.

CDS is used in a similar strength as the MMS protocol. One ml of CDS is equivalent to a 3 drop dose of MMS.

CDS has some distinct advantages over the MMS1:

1. The bad taste is gone. There is a slight taste left, but absolutely anyone can handle it. The acids, plus any impurities from the original sodium chlorite solution, have been completely removed from the CDS. It is now just distilled water and chlorine dioxide gas, which has no acid.
This means people who have had acid problems with MMS will no longer have the acid problem.

2. Once you have a prepared bottle of CDS, it is ready to use. You no longer have to mix two solutions. Just add the CDS to water or juice to drink, (as with MMS, DON’T USE orange juice or fruit juices with added vitamin c).

3. Much stronger doses can probably be used, because there is less herxheimer (nausea) reaction.
We assume this is because there is no acid in the dose to react with the poisons created by the dead pathogens. More time will be needed to check this out, but it could result in overcoming some diseases faster than with the present MMS doses.

4. Since there is no acid, the spray for skin can be several times more intense and thus deal with skin problems faster.

5. Intravenous injection has now been tried successfully, and it saved a life; but there is not yet enough data to recommend it for that purpose. Jim and his staff have all tried injections successfully, and they have also been tried in 800 cows for 3 months. We are sure that eventually it will be safe; but please don’t try this way yet.


There is one known report of CDS not working on malaria. Until this can be verified with further tests, MMS would be the best product to use for malaria, as it has already been proven successful in the field for thousands of malaria cases.


- CDS is not a drug. Chlorine Dioxide is a proven pathogen-killer, used extensively in the hygiene, food and water treatment industries.
Used in the body, it oxidises foreign bacteria, viruses, etc; in much the same way that a healthy immune system does.

- CDS must be diluted before drinking. It must be added to at least a glass of water or juice before drinking.

- Store your CDS bottle in a refrigerator. It does not 'go off', but looses potency quicker at room temperature than if chilled. If it looses potency, it can still be used, but you would need to take more as the solution becomes weaker. (Yellow colour is good; clear means it has lost it's potency).

- CAUTION: CDS can stain clothing. If CDS contacts your hands, rinse with water, do not wipe hands on your clothing.

To use: Your CDS dose must be added to at least a glass of water or juice to drink, (NOT orange juice or fruit juices with added vitamin c, as high vitamin c will neutralise the chlorine dioxide).

1/ For maintenance purposes, take 2 ml of CDS once per day.

2/ For a particular ailment, you can take up to 5 mls, three times a day, or 1 ml every hour for up to 10 hours per day, (this is the preferred, most effective dose method).
Full instructions are provided with your CDS bottle.

For the serious disease protocol, one 100 ml bottle of CDS will last approximately one week.

To save freight costs, you are welcome to pick up your CDS from our NZ Ngatea store.
Please email us for directions.